Photo: Olav Olsen

Photo: Olav Olsen


With A passion for coffee and a heart for design

Having worked with some of the top people within the Norwegian coffee scene and winning several awards himself, Ola decided he wanted to do something about one of his pet peeves. So many coffee brewers were either, very beautiful to look at but made poor coffee, or made great coffee but required extensive training to be able to use.

Enter Sigrid Eckhoff, a notable and award winning Industrial Designer, with years of professional experience in product development and design, from idea through to mass production. Daughter of one of Norway’s most famous and beloved industrial designers.

Together they founded Os Tableware, a company focused on merging timeless aesthetics with the optimal experience of the end product. It is all about beautiful Norwegian design and great tasting coffee and tea with ease of use and enhancing the experience, of the taste, at it's core.

Their first project together is 'The Tias Kettle'.

Sigrid trained as an Industrial Designer in England and Italy, and has years of professional experience in product development and design from idea through to mass production. Sigrid opened her own design studio, in Oslo, in 1985. Through her career she has won several awards and has designed best selling products.

Olas background is really as a film director and script writer but he turned to coffee when notable coffee connoisseur, Tim Wendelboe, opened his coffee bar and roastery in Oslo and needed a Roast Master. Since then Ola has worked with some of the top names in the industry and has won several awards. He is today running the roastery and importing the coffee for, coffee bar chain, Kaffebrenneriet in Norway.

Together they own and run Os Tableware.